Showing Today: Tuesday, September 2

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  • Magic at Ragtag


    Woody Allen's new romantic charmer Magic in the Moonlight is currently playing. In the 1930s comedy romance style, Firth and Stone are great together. And for those of you who are wondering: Woody's not in it.
    Read a review from …

  • Labor Day hours

    This Monday we'll be showing you movies as usual, with the doors to our side of Hittsville opening at 2pm.
    Uprise Bakery's kitchen will be closed, but their bar will be open during our movies.
    9th Street Video will be …

  • Mondo Mondays


    Ragtag is thrilled to announce a new monthly series for fans of wild cinema. Introducing Mondo Mondays: the best in subterranean cinema.

    Now you can watch films on the big screen you’ve only seen on late-night cable or your friend’s …

  • September trailers


    We have a great variety of films for you this September. Watch the trailers here. We're still working on the Passport series, so stay tuned for that.…


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