The Landlord

A sheltered, opportunistic rich kid from Long Island (Beau Bridges) purchases a run-down apartment building in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He plans to fix up the place and kick out the tenants, all of whom are black. But minutes after arriving, his assumptions are challenged. This intelligent, thoughtful comedy about gentrification is an adaptation of a novel by Kristin Hunter, a black woman, and was, believe it or not, released by a big studio. It's also the directorial debut of Hal Ashby (Harold & Maude, Coming Home) and one of the very first films photographed by Gordon Willis (The Godfather trilogy, Annie Hall).

"Thirty-seven years on, The Landlord is still shocking, but not because it's salacious or cynical. The film is shocking because of how tenderly and patiently Ashby attends to certain transgressive moments while asserting that in a sane, just world, they wouldn't be taboo at all." (Steven Boone, The House Next Door)

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