The Exiles

This groundbreaking independent film chronicles a day in the life of young Native American transplants living in Los Angeles. Gloriously photographed in black-and-white, The Exiles blurs the line between fact and fiction as it evocatively captures the sights and sounds of the famous Bunker Hill neighborhood. A few years after The Exiles premiered at the Venice Film Festival, developers razed the area and replaced its tenement homes with high-rises and office buildings. The Exiles also vanished, not receiving a proper theatrical release until 2008, when it was restored by the good folks at Milestone Films.

"The Exiles has been hailed as a landmark in American independent cinema, and called one of the most honest portrayals of contemporary Native American life ever filmed. Both those claims are verifiable. Compared to the slick approach that Hollywood took even to the 'social problem' films of the era, The Exiles is bracing and raw." (Noel Murray, The AV Club)

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