Titicut Follies

Filmed over the course of 29 days, this startling documentary takes place inside the walls of Bridgewater, a Massachusetts state hospital for the criminally insane. The mesmerizing directorial debut of the legendary Frederick Wiseman, Titicut Follies presents a deeply unsettling look at the ways inmates are treated by guards, social workers and psychiatrists. Shortly after the film's world premiere at the New York Film Festival, a Massachusetts court banned the film and called for all copies to be destroyed. The film wasn't available for public screening until the early 1990s.

"Titicut Follies is a great work, a near-masterpiece not just of the documentary form, but of moviemaking in any category. It's a film that transcends the time and place of its manufacture, and it should be seen not just by documentarians and film students but by anyone interested in the movies as a medium capable of powerfully presenting the human condition." (Ray Greene, Village View)

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