In Conversation: Alex Ross Perry and Robert Greene

Opens Sep 20, 2016

In the past five years, Alex Ross Perry has emerged as one of our country's most exciting young fiction directors. We first presented his work in 2012, when his ruthless low-budget comedy The Color Wheel opened our Homebrewed film series. In the years since, he's directed Listen Up Philip (a dark comedy starring Jason Schwartzman) and Queen of Earth (a psychological thriller starring Elisabeth Moss). Last year, we screened both those films and discussed them with their editor, Columbia resident Robert Greene. Now Perry is in town, editing his new project Golden Exits (starring Schwartzman, Chloƫ Sevigny and Mary-Louise Parker) alongside Greene. Using clips from past projects, as well as their current one, Perry and Greene will join us in person to talk through their creative process.

Please note: there will be cameras recording this event.