Opens Sep 1, 2017

Blessin, Tayla, and Cori were only 12 when they first met, all newly enrolled at a Baltimore charter school. That first year, they formed a dance team, channeling their enthusiasm, frustrations, hopes, and fears into the precise rhythmic dance form known as “step.” That same year, Amanda Lipitz showed up with her camera, hoping to tell their stories. Six years later, they are seniors, each still working to attend college but also wrestling with real life along the way. And, though their step team has matured into a powerhouse, they’ve never won the prestigious Bowie State competition. Director Lipitz displays expert storytelling chops in her feature debut, delivering a deeply satisfying dance narrative while finding ways to surprise at every turn, especially as we meet each girl’s mother. Step (a True/False 2017 selection) is a joyous film, full of moments that will make you grin, make you cry, and 100 percent make you want to dance.

"Outstanding, electrifying. Step isn’t the downtrodden painful narrative that Hollywood likes to trot out when they do get around to depicting Black women. Instead, it is a spectacular embrace of Black sisterhood." (Aramide A Tinubu, Shadow and Act)

An official selection of the True/False Film Fest 2017.

Each month, Ragtag and the Citizen Jane Film Festival spotlight a new, woman-directed film. Step is September's Citizen Jane Suggests selection.