Whose Streets?

Opens Sep 22, 2017

In 2014, protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, filled the streets after the shooting of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson. While the national news focused on footage of teens looting a QuikTrip, a more dramatic and intense story was unfolding: a community coming to terms with years of grief and rage. Folayan and Davis's clear-eyed, impassioned, and forceful documentary drops us into a community broken by the stark realities of racism and police brutality. But more than a mere exposé, Whose Streets? suggests a way forward, celebrating the emergence of a strong collective of inspiring, tireless community activists including David, a father who monitors police with his video camera, and Brittany, a registered nurse who combines the patience of Gandhi with the fierceness of Malcolm X. With nothing to gain except justice, these young civil rights leaders risk their bodies to fight, with galvanizing success, for equal access to the American Dream. This is what heroism looks like. An official selection of the True/False Film Fest 2017.

"Extraordinary. The most vital documentary of 2017." (David Fear, Rolling Stone)