Homebrewed 2018

TYREL (Homebrewed #1)

Skype with director to follow screening.

A weekend birthday party in the Catskills, what could possibly go wrong? A lot when you’re a friend of a friend surrounded by inside jokes and offensive nostalgia. Tyler, instantly mistaken for Tyrel, tries his best to keep up with the binge drinking, R.E.M. singing bros while bobbing and weaving from the barrage of microaggressions hurled at him. Shot with a fluid beauty, TYREL immerses the audience in the melee with a quick, choreographed filmmaking that causes one to squirm with recogition, empathy and chilling suspense. Once again, Sebastián Silva (The Maid, Nasty Baby, Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus) shows his sensitivity to character, pulling a broad range of sociocultural issues from his scenes and actors with a tender smirk.

Tense Tyrel Is 2018’s Answer to Get Out...This is a fast and lean film, an absolute workout for its outstanding cast and a devilish roller coaster ride for audiences. It’s funny, disturbing, cringeworthy, nerve-wracking and, for some, will feel a little too realistic.” (Jordan Hoffman, Vanity Fair)

Special thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts.