Homebrewed 2018

Love After Love (Homebrewed #3)

Skype with director to follow screening.

Love After Love is an emotional journey through the uncharted waters of grief, explored with startling depth. Andie MacDowell, in one of the best roles of her career, shines as Suzanne, a woman primarily known as a wife and mother. After the death of her beloved partner, a sense of grasping confusion settles as she seeks out a new way to exist in a widowed world. Her sons, Nick (Chris O’Dowd) and Chris (James Adomian), cope with their loss in different ways—the former sabotages relationships, the latter finds solace in alcohol—each character composed with breathtaking range. Russell Harbaugh’s feature debut exhibits an unabashed directorial fortitude, pairing the truthful texture of 16mm film with a delicate understanding of feeling.

“...this unflinching debut feature from Russ Harbaugh delivers something rarely seen in American movies: a warts-and-all examination of extended grief....Mr. Harbaugh and his cast (all of whom shine, but Mr. O’Dowd is revelatory) have created a wary, chilly drama that refuses to shy away from ugliness...Elegantly shot on film by Chris Teague, the movie feels unforced and at times shockingly authentic, allowing its emotions to percolate and rise of their own volition.” Jeannette Catsoulis, (The NY Times)

Special thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts.