Homebrewed 2018

Madeline’s Madeline (Homebrewed #4)

Helena Howard, the 19 year-old up-and-coming star of Madeline's Madeline will Skype with us after our final Homebrewed film on Wednesday! "Madeline’s Madeline: The Best Film I Saw at Sundance. Featuring a star-making turn from newcomer Helena Howard, Josephine Decker’s film deconstructs the very nature of a closed work of art."--Village Voice

Madeline is a turtle. A cat. A young girl trapped in her dreams. A daughter with flourishes of mental illness. An actress. Madeline assumes many faces as she attempts to discover herself, blurring the line between actor and role, interior and exterior until they become unrecognizable. Director Josephine Decker delivers her third feature with an assuredness that fearlessly pushes the limits of cinema, presenting a frantic, kinetic vision of creative expression in both story and form. Featuring Miranda July as Madeline’s overwhelmed single mother, Molly Parker as a pretentious experimental theater director and teen newcomer Helena Howard in the title role, the film showcases performance while questioning the audience's own role/responsibility in the theatrical machine.

Madeline’s Madeline, an ecstatically disorienting experience that defines its terms right from the start and then obliterates any trace of traditional film language, achieving a cinematic aphasia that allows Decker to redraw the boundaries between the stories we tell and the people we tell them about. The result is an experimental movie with the emotional tug of a mainstream hit, a fragmented coming-of-age drama that explores the vast space between Hollis Frampton and Greta Gerwig in order to find something truly new and ineffably of its time. This is one of the boldest and most invigorating American films of the 21st century.” (David Erlich, Indiewire)

“Josephine Decker's new film Madeline's Madeline contains the most visceral, truthful mother-daughter relationship I've seen on film in forever, and is doing brilliant, inventive things with form. Her cinematographer Ashley Connors is a genius. I’m also fascinated by what this film has to say about the slippery ethical problems of creating intimacy with collaborators, and asking them to bring their own experiences to a given project.” (Simran Hans, Cherry Picks)

Special thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts.