I Walked with a Zombie (on 35mm)

On 35mm! July 21, 22, 25 and 26 Only!

Betsy Connell  (Frances Dee) travels to the Caribbean to care for the comatose wife of plantation owner Paul Holland (Tom Conway). But as Connell starts to fall in love with Holland, she gradually realizes that her patient is not comatose: she neither lives nor dies, existing as something not quite human and not quiet demon.

I Walked with a Zombie turns 75 this year. For four nights only, Ragtag is excited to present a beautiful 35mm print.

"One of Tourneur's most beautiful films, I Walked with a Zombie is a sustained exercise in uncompromising ambiguity. Perfecting the formula that Lewton and Tourneur had developed in Cat People, the film carries its predecessor's elliptical, oblique narrative procedures to astonishing extremes." (Chris Fujiwara)