Passport Series 2018

Too Late to Die Young (Tarde Para Morir Joven)

Taking place on an idyllic commune for artists and musicians in the aftermath of the fall of Pinochet's regime, Too Late to Die Young glows with luminous light. A longtime resident, 16-year-old Sofía (Demian Hernández) dreams of escaping the retreat and the last vestiges of girlhood, rooting this study of thwarted desire in a coming-of-age story and thoughtful examinations of national and societal transformation. Director Dominga Sotomayor (Thursday Till Sunday, Passport 2012) became the first woman to win the Best Director prize at the storied Locarno Film Festival with this film just a few short months ago. In one scene, one of the characters asks another for a drag of a cigarette but is initially denied, "You're too little." "I'm only little on the outside," the younger girl responds—a perfect encapsulation of the film itself.

"Through her characters' interlocking stories, Sotomayor crafts an impressive roundelay of thwarted desire, which comes to a head in a long, musically driven party scene that precedes the film's climax." (Daniel Witkin, Filmmaker)

"Though more an atmospheric and sensorial experience than strictly a narrative one, this languorous and handsomely produced (by Call Me by Your Name producer Rodrigo Teixeira) feature is a lovingly textured addition to the coming-of-age genre." (Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter)