Homebrewed 2019

Give Me Liberty

Opens Jun 19, 2019

Set over one eventful day, the delightful Give Me Liberty revolves around a medical transport van driven by an endearing twentysomething Milwaukee resident (Chris Galust) who's seemingly never where he's supposed to be. It's not that he isn't trying (he drives dangerously fast), but between his insistent elderly Russian-American relatives, who are dead-set on attending a family funeral that's "just five minutes away," his own curiosity, and other fated disruptions, he struggles to pick up his paying passengers on time. Created in close collaboration with Milwaukee's Eisenhower Center, which provides vocational opportunities to adults with disabilities, and based on the director's own experiences working in the city, Give Me Liberty is beautiful evidence that regional cinema still thrives in the States.

"Completely, delightfully unpredictable from scene to scene, Give Me Liberty draws you in with its moving performances and blasts of broad comedy. At times brings to mind the work of Aleksei German, a Russian master of controlled chaos." (Manohla Dargis, New York Times)