Passport Series 2019

Genesis (Genèse)

Oct 9 & 10 at 6:30pm

Witnessing remarkable performances from Théodore Pellerin and Édouard Tremblay-Grenier, each previously cast in director Philippe Lesage's The Demons (2015), and influences from Lesage's early work in documentary, Genesis is an unfolding experience of young love in its most fleeting and transformative moments. Genesis begins with a misunderstood and somewhat-unruly Guillame (Théodore Pellerin) at an all-boys school in Canada, and Charlotte (Noée Abita) as she attends university and comes to terms with a sudden change in relationship status. Félix (Édouard Tremblay-Grenier) a younger student to Guillame at school, meets his first love at summer camp. -JI

"'Why's it a shame for me to love?' asks a lyric in Montreal indie band TOPS's 2014 synthpop single 'Outside' — a dreamily plaintive, drunk-on-feeling modern torch song that Lesage uses as a recurring soundtrack to his characters' romantic surges and sighing disappointments....Uncommonly tender, nervy coming-of-age storytelling." (Guy Lodge, Variety)

"When you first fall in love, everything else around you seems to melt away and pretty much nothing or no one else seems to exist. In the French-Canadian film Genesis, about adolescent love, director Philippe Lesage weaves this idea of full-on immediacy and a very blinkered view into the fabric of his storytelling, delivering a film that feels intensely alive and in the moment." (Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter)

"Lesage's eye for emotional truths is so keen and his cinematic voice so sensitive, every frame of this movie feels like a piece of youth distilled, raw and precious." (Zhuo-Ning Su, The Film Stage)